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Business Areas


Kuoni Group is engaged in three main activities: Destination & Accommodation Services, Tour Operating and Visa Processing Services. Kuoni pursues an "asset-light" strategy.

Destination & Accommodation Services include buying and offering services as a wholesaler and supplier. As a wholesaler Kuoni Group offers a comprehensive range of accommodation options and destination services that it buys in itself. These are then made available through a worldwide online sales system to online and offline travel agencies, tour operators and aggregators. Kuoni Group also provides specialised modern travel services at destinations to online and offline travel agencies and tour operators. Groups and individual travellers are looked after at the destinations by our own staff. Our Destination Management Specialists activities are pro­vided through nine companies whose strong roots in the destinations allow them to specialise in local travel services. Destination and accommodation services are organised into the Group Travel→ and FIT→ (Fully Independent Traveller) and Destination Management Specialists→ Business Units.

Tour Operating activities focus on holidays for people from the European and Asian source markets. A wide variety of tailored, individual and package holidays are offered to end consumers as well as to online and offline travel agencies.

In 2013 the traditional tour operating business covered the following markets in Europe→: Scandinavia including Finland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Benelux. Added to this are the tour operating activities in India and China/Hong Kong. The product portfolio is divided into package holidays and premium individual holidays, which are often tailored to the individual customer’s requirements. Package holidays are sold in the Northern European and Swiss markets. Individually arranged holidays are currently available in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, India and China/Hong Kong. Distribution channels vary depending on the market and product portfolio, but include Kuoni’s own travel agencies, third-party agencies, the internet, mobile devices and call centres. Most products (73%) in the traditional Tour Operating business are sold through direct customer contact (B2C). Tour Operating activities in Scandinavia and Finland are organised into the Outbound Nordic→ Business Segment. The other activities are in the Outbound Europe/Asia→ Business Segment.

The VFS Global→ Division offers Visa Processing Services. As the world’s leading outsourcing and technology specialist it has the corresponding experience and size to handle external, neutral and administrative tasks associated with visa applications for embassies and governments, as well as dealing with consular pro­cesses for them.